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So what's going on with the peanut seed treatments?  ​You might have noticed a different color to your seed treatment this year at planting time. Dr. Bennett shared an article from Peanut Grower from January 2022 where researchers are finding that our regular seed treatments had become resistant to Aspergillus Crown Rot.  So changes have been made in the seed treatments being used; switching from Dynasty PD to Rancova V PD or to Trebuset.  These new products are very effective and it is a good change. We did see some Crown Rot this year in Beckham County where Dynasty was used instead of the new treatments - so we definitely want to purchase seed with the new products I have added a link here to the Peanut Grower article written by Amanda Huber. 

​Seed Treatments: a First Line of Defense

July 17, 2024

We are off to a pretty goo​d start! We did have some stand issues this year with some varieties, but overall, peanuts in Oklahoma appear to be growing fast with few problems. We have a new OSU State Entomologist/IPM Specialist working in row crops now with the addition of Dr. Ashleigh Marie Faris to OSU Entomology Department.  If you come across any interesting insect issues please contact Dr. Faris  ashleigh.faris@okstate.edu .

INSECTS: Very few foliage feeders and lot of beneficial insects have been found in the fields I have visited so far. We are limited in our ability to control some of insects this year with the loss of Lorsban in our insecticide arsenal. 

DISEASES: Only a trace of leafspot but the weather is now very favorable so I expect to see foliar applications going down soon.  Forecasted morning lows are for 66 degrees and that is very close to temperatures that could kick off Sclerotina Bight and that is concerning; we don't like to see it get started this early in the season 

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