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Seedling Disease Survey

OSU and USDA will be surveying for peanut seedling diseases this spring. If you have unusually high seedling losses, please contact plant pathologists:

Maira Duffeck mairodr@okstate.edu; 347-205-2180)


Rebecca Bennett rebecca.bennett@usda.gov; 661-428-7023).

Spring 2023

Planting Time

A few growers got started planting peanuts on May 2nd, but then showers slowed things down and many growers started on May 6th and continued until the rains came.   

Overall it appears acres will be down a little from 2022, but we are hearing of a few acres of Valencia peanuts that were contracted in west-central Oklahoma.  Most contracts in Oklahoma this year were for Spanish peanuts, some Virginias also were contracted mostly in Beckham County.  Runner contracts were available but came out in late April - which was a little late for some growers who had already made cropping plans.