August 2, 2022

Correct Use of a Hand Lens

To get a good look at spider mites you will need a hand lens.  A 10X or 20X lens will work.

To use your hand lens correctly, hold the lens close to your eye and then either a) move the subject closer to your eye until it comes in to focus or b) move your head (and the hand lens) closer to the subject until it comes into focus.

August 2, 2022

Spider Mites Taking Advantage of the Hot Weather

​Crop Consultants and farmers are finding spider mites moving up the plants in  a few fields in Caddo County.  The Photo on the Left shows damage from spider mites when mites have reached the top leaves.  This was taken near the Oney/Albert area.   A miticide was applied with good results.  Always check the bottom leaves first to see if spider mites are getting started in your field. Severe infestations can cause heavy drop.

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