Stutzman credits practices, God, family for high-quality peanuts

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Shelley E. Huguley | JULY,1 2022

​​Planting 2022 underway, weather, heavy input costs weigh heavy.
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Shelley E. Huguley | May 24, 2022

Peanuts Come In All Flavors.  

NPB Chairman Les Crall discusses peanut products.

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Shelley E. Huguley | May 2, 2022

Panel Discussion at the 2022 Peanut EXPO.

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Ron Smith | Apr 20, 2022

Increased peanut yields and quality credited to research, superior varieties, commitment and partnerships.

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Shelley E. Huguley | Apr 19, 2022

Left Picture: OPC Field Specialist David Nowlin and OPC Executive Director Ron Sholar visit with a family attending the Farm to Table Family Festival held March 19 at the Oklahoma History Center. Roasted peanut snacks were shared with all visitors to the OPC booth.

RELEASE DATE:    April 22, 2022                                                     Contact: Ron Sholar 

                                                         Oklahoma Peanut Commission 


Elections Held for Peanut Growers to Serve on the Oklahoma Peanut Commission 

WEATHERFORD, OK.    A meeting was held to elect peanut growers to serve on the Oklahoma Peanut Commission  following the Oklahoma Peanut EXPO in Weatherford, OK on March 24, 2022.  Four Oklahoma Peanut Commission seats were filled.  

In District 2, incumbent John Clay of Carnegie was re-elected for another term. First time commissioner Art Kell of Chickasha was elected to a 3-year term. District 2 terms will run from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2025.

In District 3, incumbent commissioners Les Crall of Weatherford and Joe D. White of Davidson were re-elected to 2-year terms running from Jul 1, 2022 – Jun 30, 2024.

District 1 commissioners Anthony Reed of Thackerville and Joel Hicks of Leon will continue in their current terms which run through Jun 30, 2023.   

Thanks to all of these peanut producers who voluntarily serve on the OPC.

The Oklahoma Peanut Commission is the state certified check-off organization for peanuts and represents Oklahoma’s peanut producers in the areas of promotion, research and education.



RELEASE DATE:    April 26, 2022                                                     Contact: Ron Sholar 

                                                         Oklahoma Peanut Commission 


Farm to Table Family Festival

On Mar 19th, Oklahoma agricultural groups shared a taste of farm life with the public by celebrating through the Farm-to-Table Festival held at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City. At the free family festival, attendees explored farm life and how food gets to their tables. 

Families experienced farm perspectives from Colonial America to modern day with hands-on activities for visitors of all ages. The event was held outdoors and admission was open to the public. 

The Oklahoma Peanut Commission joined more than 40 other participating groups in this event. Farm organizations from all across Oklahoma take tremendous pride in showcasing their history and products to the public and OPC has long participated in such events. 

These days, consumers are more anxious than ever to have solid information about their food and where it comes from. On average, Americans consume eight pounds of peanuts per person per year signifying just how important the peanut is to our fellow citizens’ diets. 

OPC is doing its part to improve consumer understanding of all things about peanuts. The focus during the Farm-to-Table Festival was to promote “The Perfectly Powerful Peanut®” by ensuring that visitors learned about the peanut’s history, how peanuts grow, how peanuts are used and marketed in different products (snacks, confections, peanut butter etc.), and the benefits of having peanuts in our diets. 

OPC staff shared information with visitors to the “peanut booth” and passed out roasted peanut samples and “Perfectly Powerful Peanut®” themed favors. Roasted peanut samples were enjoyed on the spot as staff shared the peanut story with visitors. 

The Farm-to-Table Festival proved to be a great opportunity for OPC to promote peanuts and to connect with consumers who have little experience with how peanuts grow or with agriculture as a whole.

This event was part of the on-going peanut educational effort that is central to the OPC mission.​

Right Picture: OPC Field Specialist David Nowlin, Executive Director Ron Sholar, and volunteer Linda Sholar wait to greet visitors to the OPC booth at the Farm to Table Family Festival. A steady flow of visitors learned from OPC staff about the history of peanuts, how peanuts grow, and how they are utilized in healthy diets.